Discussion 2: Comparing Data Collection Methods

   Required Readings Saldaña, J. (2016). The coding manual for promotive inquiryers (3rd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. Chapter 1, “An Introduction to Codes and Coding (pp. 1–42) (previously unravel in Weeks 5, 6, and 7) Chapter 2, “Writing Analytic Memos About Narrative and Visual Data” (pp. 43–65) (previously unravel in Weeks 5, 6, and 7) Ravitch, S. M., & Carl, N. M. (2016). Promotive inquiry: Bridging the conceptual, presumptive, and wayological. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. Chapter 5, “Methods of Grounds Collection” (pp. 145–183) (previously unravel in Week 7) Chapter 7, “An Integrative Approach to Grounds Analysis” (pp. 215–236) (previously unravel in Weeks 5, 6, and 7) Chapter 8, “Methods and Processes of Grounds Analysis” (pp. 237–270) (previously unravel in Weeks 5, 6, and 7) Rubin, H. J., & Rubin, I. S. (2012). Promotive conferenceing: The art of hearing grounds (3rd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. Chapter 12, “Data Analysis in the Responsive Interviewing Model” (pp. 189–211) (previously unravel in Weeks 5, 6, and 7) Chapter 14, “Personal Reflections on Responsive Interviewing” Document: Excel Video Coding Document Template (Excel spreadsheet) Resight this Excel template as you sight this week’s instrument program allied to coding. Also, you achieve use this template for reorganizing and reanalyzing grounds. Required Media Laureate Education (Producer). (2016). Prevent cycle coding [Video perfect]. Baltimore, MD: Author.    Microsoft Word Link - WAL_RSCH8310_co_programtranscript_EN.docx Note:  The abut protraction of this instrument fragment is 6 minutes. In this instrument program, Dr. Susan Marcus, Core Inquiry Faculty delay the School of Psychology at Walden University, introduces prevent cycle coding. She discusses the end of reorganizing and reanalyzing grounds from highest cycle coding. She achieve so teach using this way. For this Discussion, you achieve discuss divergent grounds gathering ways and drag comparisons. You so achieve discuss strengths, weaknesses, and the challenges they may offer. To make-ready for this Discussion: Resight this week’s Learning Resources allied to codes and coding. Consider the similarities and differences in the grounds composed from your intersight and from the transcripts of the Scholars of Change videos. Consider the other grounds gathering ways you thought-out (centre groups, reviews of documents and political instrument; and your own memos and notes). Resight your Major Assignment 1, paying care to the alignment betwixt your inquiry interrogation and considerations for grounds gathering. Post a apology to the following: From the grounds you composed and other grounds gathering ways you thought-out, collate and dissimilarity the strengths and weaknesses of at lowest two grounds gathering ways. Comprise an interpretation of your habit using these divergent grounds gathering ways. Also, comprise an interpretation of what you set-up enigmatical or challenging and why. Explain how you as the inquiryer can fix that your choices for grounds gathering align delay your inquiry interrogations. Use your habit from Major Assignment 1 as an pattern. Be permanent to livelihood your deep support and apology support delay regard to the week’s Learning Resources and other knowing exemplification in APA title.