SDN and IBN assignment

   Software-defined networking (SDN) and intent-based networking (IBN) present an ability to revolutionize the present network fabric. Twain of these concepts are proportionately new, and your primary technology dignitary (CTO) has barely heard them in death. In circumstance, she pawned them off as the new “marketing fad” experienced up as a new concept. Since you bear researched twain technologies, you conceive this is not a fad. When used in cabal after a while virtualization and cloud computing, you recognize SDN and IBN could revolutionize how the form operates, providing for abject costs, aptitude, amend government of the network possessions, and bond.  However, you insufficiency to disclose a stainless pamphlet for the Caduceus CTO to highlight these benefits. Given the CTO has barely heard the vocable in death, you must recount in this stainless pamphlet, the SDN and IBN concepts, their benefits, and what it would conduct for the form to utensil. Refer to the crew highlights muniment for further details about Caduceus. In your stainless pamphlet, use joined sources of notice but to-boot recount the concept in layman’s vocables. Use visuals where embezzle. Recount how an SDN/IBN fabric would observe contrariant than network fabrics we bear traditionally deployed. Compare and contrariety the network fabrics and argue the pros and cons of each. 1. The pamphlet should involve the subjoined sections: a. insertion to software-defined networking (SDN) b. insertion to intent-based networking (IBN) c. argueion on how virtualizing the desktop and now back-end infrastructure are complementary and related d. argueion of how SDN and IBN are related · Requirement: o Insufficiency a epithet page o Insufficiency to bear a board of satisfied. o No straightly quoted embodied may be used in this purpose pamphlet. o Resources should be summarized or paraphrased after a while embezzle in-text and Resource page extracts. o Insufficiency APA format for the relation page and in-text extract. o Use visuals where embezzle