Tax2004-Writing project and presentation

You are instituted for a national totalityant during tax conjuncture and the totalityant has asked you to adapt the embezzle tax contrive for Ace Company.  Ace Audience is a newly contriveed handyman duty owned by Mr. and Mrs.  Becker.  Mrs. Becker honest enrolled in her primeval bookkeeping assort and engenderd the spreadsheet you were dedicated (fixed refine located aloft). As you can see Mrs. Becker left you a voicelessness about not paying any taxes this year. This scheme is crack into lewd (4) ability after a while one (1) bisect due each week of the road. Based on your readings, use of technology, study, and other sources do the following: Update Mrs. Becker’s spreadsheet for any adjustments you reach are needed and engender a spreadsheet template for her to use instant year. Be fast to use suited contriveulas and contriveatting to confer the documents a administrative face. Fill out the embezzle tax contrive for Ace Company. Mr. Becker is the unique proprietor of Ace Company.  Tax contrives can be obtained from the IRS website.  **Be fast you catch the contrive to your computer BEFORE you expand in any notification or your postulates achieve be obsolete when you catch the refine after a while the postulates entered. Once catchd, way the catchd contrive from your computer, not the web browser.** Write a intotal message to Mr. and Mrs. Becker explaining any changes you made to Mrs. Becker’s assortification of pay and/or expenses and if any subjoined notification is needed from them to total the tax contrive.          If any adjustments are made to the spreadsheet be fast to allusion the infer in your message so the Becker’s recognize. If you handle any subjoined questions for the Becker’s gladden roll them evidently in the message. Include a argument enclosing the superior tax recontrive that of-late passed - the TCJA (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) and its undeveloped goods on the client's tax requite for instant year. (i.e. regard the items mature in the handout aloft) Present your findings as if you were presenting them to the clients.  Additional Information: The duty is located at :  123 Primeval Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.  33221 All symbolicals they purchased initially handle been used on the jobs, no symbolical recrement. To set-out the audience the Becker’s purchased the following:          A insignificant total of symbolical such as nails, tape, grove, etc. to use on multitudinous jobs for $1,300. A computer and printer for $1,800, a desk  and chair for $1,000, duty cards, article, pens, and other insignificant items for the station for $200. Groceries for their identical use from the audience checking totality since they did not handle their identical checkbook after a while them at the span.   WRITING REQUIREMENTS:   The message should be 1-2 pages after a while allusions for any adjustments you reach are needed. The Becker’s handle been tax clients for years so the pitch of message should be settled and advantageous. Include the revised Excel spreadsheet after a while any adjustments you reach are needed. Include an Excel template for Mrs. Becker to use instant year after a while embezzle contriveulas, contriveatting, etc. All sources used are to be submitted in APA contriveat Please use the writing courage if needed   Technology/Collaborative Activity:   You achieve be presenting and argueing your findings to the assort using the voice-over portion in PowerPoint or YouTube. Gladden be fast the audio is serene and the refine or join is wayible in the Week 4 Presentation argument board. You achieve be using Excel to update the spreadsheet and engender a spreadsheet template for Mr. Becker to use instant year. You achieve observe to other assortmates on their presentations as if you were the Becker’s arduous to recognize any adjustments made and/or acceptance any questions presented.   Assignment Due DATE Schedule:    Week 1:  Submit revised client spreadsheet  and engender client template spreadsheet for                      instant year to produce client Week 2:  Submit embezzle tax contrive Week 3:  Submit  Letter to clients Week 4:  Present and argue your ideas using PowerPoint.