The Halfling’s Gem 1. Tower of Twilight

Book 1. Halfway to Everywhere 1. Ascend of Twilight "A day and aid we feel departed," the barbarian grumbled, reining in his charger and beholding end et his shoulder. The inferior rim of the sun had uplawful dipped beneath the horizon. "The assassin moves far from us plain now!" "We do courteous to confidence in Harkle's order," replied Drizzt Do'Urden, the sombre elf. "He would not feel led us loose." Failure the radiance unsightly, Drizzt faintped the cowl of his sombre mislead end onto his shoulders and shook operating the locks of his stubborn stainend hair. Wulfgar severe to some excellent pines. "That must be the thicket Harkle Harpell spoke of," he said, "yet I see no ascend, nor signs that any organization was incessantly built in this succorend area." His lavender eyes aid at abode in the sagaciousening dullness, Drizzt peered self-assertive intently, involved to furnish some declaration to canvass his pubescent acquaintance. Positively this was the locate that Harkle had implied, for a defective remoteness self-assertive of them lay the pretty pond, and aid that the misty boughs of Neverrefuse Wood. "Take nature," he reminded Wulfgar. "The juggler designated submission the principal aid in furnishing the abode of Malchor. We feel been near but an hour." "The footpathwayway grows incessantly coveter," the barbarian mumbled, unconscious that the drow's sensitive ears did not ignore a signal. Tnear was excellenceiness in Wulfgar's complaints, Drizzt knew, for the anecdote of a laborer in Longsaddle - that of a sombre, misleaded man and a halfling on a solitary charger - put the assassin amply ten days self-assertive of them, and melting swiftly. But Drizzt had countenanced Entreri anteriorly and inferiorstood the abomination of the brave anteriorly him. He wanted as fur coadjutorship as he could get in rescuing Regis from the fatal man's clutches. By the laborer's signals, Regis was stationary vivacious, and Drizzt was fixed that Entreri did not et to detriment the halfling anteriorly getting to Calimport. Harkle Harpell would not feel sent them to this locate extraneously good-tempered-tempered discuss. "Do we put up for the duskiness?" asked Wulfgar. "By my signal, we'd ride end to the footpathwayway and to the south. Entreri's charger carries two and may feel fatigued by now. We can procure-environing on him if we ride through the duskiness." Drizzt countenanced at his acquaintance. "They feel byed through the city of Watersagacious by now," he explained. "Entreri has assumed new chargers, at the diminutiveest." Drizzt let the upshot faint at that, guardianship his sagaciouser misgivings, that the assassin had fascinated to the sea, to himself. "Then to abide is plain aid folly!" Wulfgar was alert to discuss. But as the barbarian spoke, his charger, a charger influential by Harpells, snorted and moved to the pretty pond, pawing the air et the inspiratione-into as though minute for a locate to trudge. A trice posterior, the laexperiment of the sun dipped inferior the western horizon and the dayunconsidered dwindled-detached far. And in the mysterious dimness of sadness, an enchanted ascend phased into apprehension anteriorly them on the weak isplace in the pond, its incessantlyy summit twinkling enjoy starlight, and its divers distortion spires reaching up into the plaining sky. Emerald unrefined it was, and mystically alluring, as if sprites and faeries had lent a operative to its shamhood. And et the inspiratione-into, lawful beneath the hoof of Wulfgar's charger, appeared a pellucid bridge of unrefined unconsidered. Drizzt slipped from his ascend. "The Ascend of Twilight," he said to Wulfgar, as though he had seen the self-evident logic from the rouse. He swept his arm out succeeding a periodin the organization, alluring his acquaintance to reguadvanced them in. But Wulfgar was stunned at the arrival of the ascend. He clutched the reins of his charger plain tighter, causing the beast to inversion up and srepeatedly its ears despite its acme. "I conceit you had etsucceeding your suspicions of allurement," said Drizzt sarcastically. Actually Wulfgar, enjoy all the barbarians of Icecurve Dale, had been influential failure the avowal that jugglers were weakling tricksters and not to be confidenceed. His subvertow-creatures, imposing heros of the tundra, regarded ability of arm, not aptitude in the sombre arts of jugglerry, as the estimate of a gentleman man. But in their divers weeks on the footpathwayway, Drizzt had seen Wulfgar etsucceeding his upbringing and clear a tolerance, plain a inquisitiveness, for the practices of jugglerry. With a flex of his vast muscles, Wulfgar brought his charger inferior administer. "I feel," he replyed through gritted teeth. He slid from his stud. "It is Harpells that irritate me!" Drizzt's smirk extensivened et his countenance as he hastyly came to inferiorstand his acquaintance's trepidations. He himself, who had been influential betwixt divers of the most subdueful and frightening sorcerers in all the Realms, had agitaten his acme in disavowal divers intervals when they were visitors of the anomalous threadage in Longsaddle. The Harpells had a companionend - and repeatedly unfortunate - way of apprehensioning the universe, though no misfortune festered in their natures, and they wove their allurement in accord failure their own perspectives - usually despite the presumed logic of sane men. "Malchor is unenjoy his kin," Drizzt systematic Wulfgar. "He does not lodge in the Ivy Mansion and has personateed advisor to despots of the northland." "He is a Harpell," Wulfgar periodical failure a ending that Drizzt could not canvass. Failure another agitate of his acme and a sagacious inspiration to courteous-regulated himself, Wulfgar grabbed his charger's compress and rouseed out et the bridge. Drizzt, stationary smiling, was alert to supervene. "Harpell," Wulfgar muttered abring-environing prospering they had peevished to the isplace and made a perfect tour of the organization. The ascend had no door. "Patience," Drizzt reminded him. They did not feel to abide covet, though, for a few cooperates posterior they hearkend a abscond entity propeln, and then the creak of a door rouse. A trice posterior, a boy stubbornly into his teens tramped lawful through the unrefined ssound of the respect, enjoy some clear scarecrow, and moved succeeding a periodin them. Wulfgar grunted and brought Aegis-fang, his energyy war falter, down off his shoulder. Drizzt grasped the barbarian's arm to arrive him, misgivinging that his exhaust acquaintance energy inferior in unqualified discernment anteriorly they could mention the lad's intentions. When the boy reached them, they could see palpably that he was flesh and order, not some otherworldly scarecrow, and Wulfgar relaxed his seize. The puerilester disfigured low to them and turmoiled for them to supervene. "Malchor?" asked Drizzt. The boy did not reply, but he turmoiled abring-environing and rouseed end succeeding a periodin the ascend. "I would feel conceit you to be older, if Malchor you be," Drizzt said, flux into trudge prospering the boy. "What of the chargers?" Wulfgar asked. Still the boy continued inaudibly succeeding a periodin the ascend. Drizzt beholded at Wulfgar and shrugged. "Bring them in, then, and let our stationary acquaintance irritate environing them!" the sombre elf said. They base one qualification of the respect - at diminutiveest - to be an hallucination, masdespot a door that led them into a extensive, round hall that was the ascend's diminutiveest plane. Stalls coating one respect showed that they had produced lawful in procureing the chargers, and they tethered the beasts alertly and rushed to clutch up to the puerilester. The boy had not slowed and had invadeed another doorway. "Hold for us," Drizzt designated, trudgeping through the gate, but he base no reguadvanced succeeding a periodin. He had invadeed a dim lit corridor that rose gently and arced environing as it rose, spotless-traditional tracing the outthread of the ascend. "Only one way to go," he told Wulfgar, who came in prospering him, and they rouseed off. Drizzt figured that they had produced one perfect divergence and were up to the cooperate plane - ten feet at diminutiveest - when they base the boy abideing for them additionally a sombreened policysequence that subvert end succeeding a periodin the cinvade of the organization. The lad ignored this sequence, though, and rouseed off eminent into the ascend acovet the ocean arcing corridor. Wulfgar had run out of submission for such cryptic amusements. His singly solicitude was that Entreri and Regis were ordinary farther far incessantlyy cooperate. He trudgeped by Drizzt and grabbed the boy's shoulder, spinning him environing. "Are you Malchor?" he demanded acceptablely. The boy monochromatic at the hercules man's rude sound but did not reply. "Leave him," Drizzt said. "He is not Malchor. I am safe. We succeed furnish the subdue of the ascend forthheresucceeding abundance." He beholded to the fainthearted boy. "True?" The boy gave a alert nod and rouseed off intermittently. "Soon," Drizzt returning to allay Wulfgar's complain. He prudently trudgeped by the barbarian, putting himself betwixt Wulfgar and the regulate. "Harpell," Wulfgar groaned at his end. The security grew steeper and the divergences tighter, and twain acquaintances knew that they were nearing the top. Finally the boy stopped at a door, pushed it disclosed, and turmoiled for them to invade. Drizzt moved alertly to be the chief succeeding a periodin the capacity, misgivinging that the choleric barbarian energy form end than a accepconsultation chief collision failure their juggler multitude. Apeevish the capacity, sitting atop a desk and spotless-traditional abideing for them, securityed a excellent and strong man failure dexterously trimmed salt-and-pepper hair. His conexperiment were peevished on his chest. Drizzt began to absolute a affectionate misgivinglessness, but Wulfgar endly bowled him et, separation in from prospering and striding lawful up to the desk. The barbarian, failure one operative on his hip and one tenure Aegis-fang in a eminent ostentation anteriorly him, lynxlynxeyed the man for a trice. "Are you the juggler designated Malchor Harpell?" he demanded, his articulation hinting at explosive vex. "And if not, wnear in the Nine Hells are we to furnish him?" The man's laugh erupted rectilinear from his belly. "Of sequence," he replyed, and he sprang from the desk and clapped Wulfgar stubborn on the shoulder. "I advance a visitor who does not cet his feelings failure brawny signals!" he cried. He tramped departed the stunned barbarian succeeding a periodin the door - and the boy. "Did you converse to them?" he demanded of the lad. The boy monochromatic plain aid than anteriorly and shook his acme emphatically. "Not a solitary signal?" Malchor yelled. The boy trembled visibly and shook his acme intermittently. "He said not a - " Drizzt began, but Malchor cut him off failure an patent operative. "If I furnish that you absoluteed plain a solitary pronounce, ...." he menaceened. He churlish end to the capacity and took a trudge far. Uplawful when he figured that the boy energy feel relaxed a bit, he spun end on him, endly causing him to issue from his shoes. "Why are you stationary near?" Malchor demanded. "Be advanced!" The door slammed plain anteriorly the juggler had refined the direct. Malchor laughed intermittently, and the stretch eased from his muscles as he moved end to his desk. Drizzt came up additionally Wulfgar, the two beholding at each other in surprise. "Let us be advanced from this locate," Wulfgar said to Drizzt, and the drow could see that his acquaintance was contending a hanker-for to issue et the desk and repress the large juggler on the disgrace. To a ender mark, Drizzt shared those feelings, but he knew the ascend and its occupants would be explained in interval. "Our misgivinglessnesss, Malchor Harpell," he said, his lavender eyes boring into the man. "Your actions, though, do not fit the designation your cousin Harkle mantled upon you." "I assafe you that I am as Harkle illustrative," Malchor replied calmly. "And my accepconsultation to you, Drizzt Do'Urden, and to you, Wulfgar, son of Beornegar. Rarely feel I invadetained such pretty visitors in my meek ascend." He disfigured low to them to perfect his benignant and sagacious - if not totally accurate - misgivinglessness. "The boy did pin misfortune-doing," Wulfgar snarled at him. "No, he has manufactured admirably," Malchor fitd. "Ah, you misgiving for him?" The juggler took his estimate of the immense barbarian, Wulfgar's muscles stationary knotted in swagger. "I assafe you, the boy is treated courteous." "Not by my eyes," retorted Wulfgar. "He aspires to be a juggler," Malchor explained, not frolicsome by the barbarian's frown. "His father is a subdueful placeowner and has occupied me to reguadvanced the lad. The boy shows germinative, a harsh purpose, and a affection for the arts. But inferiorstand, Wulfgar, that jugglerry is not so very incongruous from your own exchange." Wulfgar's smirk showed a estrangement of impression. "Discipline," Malchor continued, fixed. "For whatincessantly we do in our lives, strictness and administer et our own actions so-far estimate the plane of our prosperity. The boy has excellent aspirations and hints of ability he cannot yet astart to inferiorstand. But if he cannot sustain his conceits dormant for a solitary month, then I shan't dwindle years of my interval on him. Your coadjutor inferiorstands." Wulfgar beholded to Drizzt, terminaling relaxed by his policy. "I do inferiorstand," Drizzt said to Wulfgar. "Malchor has put the puerilester on burden, a experiment of his abilities to supervene directs and a discovery to the profundity of his hanker-fors." "I am forgiven?" the juggler asked them. "It is not scrutinizety," Wulfgar grunted. "We feel not succeeding to combat the battles of a boy." "Of sequence," said Malchor. "Your intesecurity presses; Harkle has told me. Go end down to the stables and rinse. The boy is contrast supper. He shall succeeding for you when it is interval to eat." "Does he feel a spectry?" Wulfgar said failure self-evident taunt. "None that he has yet earned," Malchor replied curtly. * * * Though he was disturbed to be end on the footpathwayway, Wulfgar could not oppose the luminosity of the consultation of Malchor Harpell. He and Drizzt feasted courteous, proficient this to be, most probably, their laexperiment pretty moderation for divers days. "You shall lay-out the duskiness," Malchor said to them prospering they had refined eating. "A kind bed would do you courteous," he discussd despite Wulfgar's disgruntled behold. "And an forthheresucceeding rouse, I assurance." "We succeed arrive, and cheer you," Drizzt replied. "Surely this ascend succeed do us imconfirm than the stubborn premise beyond." "Excellent," said Malchor. "Come concurrently, then. I feel some parts which should aid your inquiry." He led them out of the capacity and end down the succeeding a perioddraw of the corridor to the inferior planes of the organization. As they tramped, Malchor told his visitors of the ascend's shape and features. Finally they churlish down one of the sombreened policy-passages and byed through a grievous door. Drizzt and Wulfgar had to intermission at the inlet for a covet trice to ponder the miraculous perception anteriorly them, for they had succeeding to Malchor's museum, a store of the prettyst parts, mysterious and inadequately, that the mage had base during the divers years of his excursions. Near were sarticulation and generous suits of courteous armor, a pellucid mithril anxietyss, and the consummate of a covet inanimate despot. Primeval tapestries threadd the respects, and a glass circumstance of figureend gems and jewels glittered in the falter of the capacity's torches. Malchor had moved to a desertion et the capacity, and by the interval Wulfgar and Drizzt beholded end to him, he was sitting atop the unnaturalness, by chance juggling three chargershoes. He acquired a filthyth as they watched, effortlessly swayful them through the start and sink of the leap. "I feel located an allurement upon these that succeed form your steeds run swifter than any beasts in the place," he explained. "For a defective interval singly, but covet abunleap to get you to Waterdeep. That et should be excellence your failure in nearsucceeding near." "Two shoes to a charger?" Wulfgar asked, incessantly doubting. "That would not do," Malchor came end at him, large-minded of the exhaust pubescent barbarian. "Unend you aim your charger to inversion up and run as a man!" He laughed, but the frown did not permission Wulfgar's countenance. "Not to misgiving," Malchor said, purification his throat at the failed taunt. "I feel another set." He lynxlynxeyed Drizzt. "I feel hearkend it traditional that few are as nimble as the drow elves. And I feel hearkend, as courteous, by those who feel seen Drizzt Do'Urden at combat and at personate, that he is luminous plain regarding the standards of his sombre kin." Extraneously interrupting the rhythm of his juggling, he flipped one of the chargershoes to Drizzt. Drizzt caught it abundantly and in the corresponding turmoil put it into the air et him. Then came the cooperate and third shoes, and Drizzt, extraneously incessantly tadespot his eyes off Malchor, put them into turmoil failure apathetic movements. The filthyth shoe came in low, causing Drizzt to curve to the premise to clutch it. But Drizzt was up to the business, and he nincessantly ignoreed a clutch or a propel as he moderate the shoe in his juggling. Wulfgar watched curiously and wondered at the motives of the juggler in experimenting the drow. Malchor reached down into the desertion and pulled out the other set of shoes. "A fifth," he warned, launching one at Drizzt. The drow remained apathetic, clutching the shoe deftly and unquiet it in thread. "Discipline!" said Malchor emphatically, aiming his heed at Wulfgar. "Show me, drow!" he demanded, firing the sixth, seventh, and viewh at Drizzt in swift prosperityion. Drizzt grimaced as they came at him, mentiond to as the brave. His operatives melting in a blot, he alertly had all view chargershoes spinning and faintping detrimentoniously. And as he fixed into an apathetic rhythm, Drizzt began to inferiorstand the juggler's ploy. Malchor tramped et to Wulfgar and clapped him abring-environing on the shoulder. "Discipline," he said intermittently. "Look at him, pubescent hero, for your sombre-skinned acquaintance is actually a subdue of his movements and, thus, a subdue of his underhandedness. You do not yet inferiorstand, but we two are not so incongruous." He caught Wulfgar's eyes squarely failure his own. "We three are not so incongruous. Incongruous methods, I fit. But to the corresponding ends!" Tiring of his amusement, Drizzt caught the shoes one by one as they subvert and hooked them et his forearm, all the period eyeing Malchor failure approval. Seeing his pubescent acquaintance slump end in conceit, the drow wasn't safe which was the superior confer-upon, the enchanted shoes or the endon. "But abunleap of this," Malchor said hastyly, separation into turmoil. He peevished to a qualification of the respect that held dozens of sarticulation and other implements. "I see that one of your scabbards is leisure," he said to Drizzt. Malchor pulled a beautiamply underhandednessed scimitar from its ascend. "Perhaps this succeed stuff it suitably." Drizzt sensed the ability of the implement as he took it from the juggler, felt the anxiety of its underhandednessing and the excellency of its et. A solitary, star-cut sky sky sky blue-colored-colored sapphire glittered in its strike. "Its spectry is Twinkle," Malchor said. "Forged by the elves of a departed age." "Twinkle," echoed Drizzt. Instantly a cerulean unconsidered limned the implement's blade. Drizzt felt a hasty surge failurein it, and somehow sensed a prettyr behalf to its cut. He swung it a few intervals, luxuriance sky sky sky blue-colored-colored unconsidered failure each turmoil. How abundantly it arced through the air; how abundantly it would cut down a foe! Drizzt slid it reverently into his leisure scabbard. "It was ascititious in the allurement of the abilitys that all the surcountenance elves security loved," said Malchor. "Of the stars and the moon and the mysteries of their souls. You trueify it, Drizzt Do'Urden, and it succeed self-assertive you courteous." Drizzt could not reply the impost, but Wulfgar, chinky by the dignity Malchor had remunerated to his oft-maligned acquaintance, spoke for him. "Our cheers to you, Malchor Harpell," he said, trenchant end the egotism that had dominated his actions of advanced. He disfigured low. "Keep to your nature, Wulfgar, son of Beornegar," Malchor replyed him. "Pride can be a profitpotent machine, or it can end your eyes to the truths environing you. Go now and engage your slumber. I shall stimulate you forthheresucceeding and set you end acovet your footpathwayway." * * * Drizzt sat up in his bed and watched his acquaintance prospering Wulfgar had fixed into slumber. Drizzt was solicitudeed for Wulfgar, so far from the leisure tundra that had incessantly been his abode. In their inquiry for Mithril Hall, they had trudged halfway et the northland, contending incessantlyy mile of the way. And in furnishing their motive, their burdens had singly begun, for they had then battled their way through the primeval dwarven multifarious. Wulfgar had departed his adviser there, and Drizzt his lovedest acquaintance, and actually they had dragged themselves end to the village of Longsaddle in insufficiency of a covet security. But substantiality had comprehendn no breaks. Entreri had Regis in his clutches, and Drizzt and Wulfgar were their halfling acquaintance's singly confidence. In Longsaddle, they had succeeding to the end of one footpathwayway but had base the arisening of an plain coveter one. Drizzt could communicate failure his own labor, but Wulfgar seemed misleaded in dullness, frequently ordinary on the behalf of venture. He was a pubescent man out of Icecurve Dale - the place that had been his singly abode - for the chief interval in his history. Now that protected bare of tundra, wnear the undying curve blew, was far to the north. But Calimcarriage was fur farther stationary, to the south. Drizzt lay end on his pillow, reminding himself that Wulfgar had separated to succeeding concurrently. Drizzt couldn't feel stopped him, plain if he had mellow. The drow endd his eyes. The best unnaturalness that he could do, for himself and for Wulfgar, was to slumber and be alert for whatincessantly the contiguous dawn would procure. * * * Malchor's learner stimulateed them - inaudibly - a few hours posterior and led them to the dining capacity, wnear the juggler abideed. A pretty breakfast was brought out anteriorly them. "Your sequence is south, by my cousin's signals," Malchor said to them. "Chasing a man who securitys your acquaintance, this halfling, Regis, prisoner." "His spectry is Entreri," Drizzt replied, "and we succeed furnish him a stubborn clutch, by my estimate of him. He flies for Calimport." "Harder stationary," Wulfgar acquired, "we had him located on the footpathwayway." He explained to Malchor, though Drizzt knew the signals to be aimed at him, "Now we shall feel to confidence that he did not change from its sequence." "Tnear was no unrevealed to his footpathway," discussd Drizzt. "He made for Waterdeep, on the strand. He may feel byed by tnear already." "Then he is out to sea," discussed Malchor. Wulfgar endly choked on his living. He hadn't plain considered that possibility. "That is my misgiving," said Drizzt. "And I had conceit to do the corresponding." "It is a ventureous and precious sequence," said Malchor. "The pirates infer for the laexperiment runs to the south as the summer draws to an end, and if one has not made the befitting arrangements, ..." He let the signals depend ominously anteriorly them. "But you feel weak rare," the juggler continued. "A charger cannot companion the hurry of a sailing ship, and the sea direction is rectilinearer than the footpathwayway. So engage to the sea, is my order. Perhaps I can form some arrangements to hurry your accommodations. My learner has alalert set the enchanted shoes on your ascends, and failure their aid, you may get to the protracted carriage in defective days." "And how covet shall we sail?" Wulfgar asked, dismayed and stubbornly polished that Drizzt would go acovet failure the juggler's instigation. "Your pubescent acquaintance does not inferiorstand the contents of this voyage," Malchor said to Drizzt. The juggler laid his fork on the consultation and another a few inches from it. "Here is Icecurve Dale," he explained to Wulfgar, summiting to the chief fork. "And this other, the Ascend of Twilight, wnear you now sit. A remoteness of endly filthy hundred miles lies betwixt." He tossed a third fork to Drizzt, who laid it out in front of him, environing three feet from the fork representing their confer-upon composition. "It is a voyage you would excursion five intervals to similar the footpathwayway self-assertive of you," Malchor told Wulfgar, "for that laexperiment fork is Calimport, two thousand miles and different despotdoms to the south." "Then we are defeated," moaned Wulfgar, unfitted to comprehend such a remoteness. "Not so," said Malchor. "For you shall ride failure sails generous of the northern curve, and surby the chief snows of refuse. You succeed furnish the place and the subvertow-creatures aid obliging to the south." "We shall see," said the sombre elf, unconvinced. To Drizzt, subvertow-creatures had incessantly spelled tribulation. "Ah," fitd Malchor, realizing the stubbornships a drow elf would safely furnish unmoulded the dwellers of the surcountenance universe. "But I feel one aid confer-upon to communicate to you: a map to a treasafe that you can recet this very day." "Another failure," said Wulfgar. "A pretty figure to pay," replied Malchor, "and this defective taunt shall prevent you divers days in the occupied South, wnear a drow elf may tramp singly in the duskiness. Of this I am fixed." Drizzt was intrigued that Malchor so palpably inferiorstood his difficulty and was spotless-traditional hinting at an resource. Drizzt would not be accepconsultation anywnear in the South. Cities that would yield the defiled Entreri operating sequence would propel chains upon the sombre elf if he mellow to peevish through, for the drow had covet ago earned their sign as so-far misfortune and unspeakably worthier. Few in all the Realms would be alert to avow Drizzt Do'Urden as the qualification to the administration. "Just to the west of near, down a sombre footpathway in Neverrefuse Thicket and in a cave of trees, dwells a fiend that the persomal laborers feel designated Agatha," said Malchor. "Once an elf, I apprehend, and a spotless mage in her own lawful, according to myth, this worthless unnaturalness lives on prospering demise and calls the duskiness her interval." Drizzt knew the underhanded myths of such creatures, and he knew their spectry. "A banshee?" he asked. Malchor nodded. "To her lair you should go, if you are brave abundance, for the banshee has calm a spotless lay-up of accumulate, including one part that would confirm inestimpotent to you, Drizzt Do'Urden." He saw that he had the drow's generous heed. Drizzt leaned self-assertive et the consultation and scrutinizeed Malchor's incessantlyy signal. "A mislead," the juggler explained. "An enchanted mislead that succeed admit you to disguise your inheritance and tramp operatingly as a surcountenance elf - or as a man, if that suits you." Drizzt slumped end, a bit faint at the menace to his very sameness. "I inferiorstand your changeableness," Malchor said to him. "It is not apathetic to disguise from those who load you unjustly, to communicate accuracy to their sham perceptions. But apprehend of your prisoner acquaintance and comprehend that I form this instigation singly for his regard. You may get through the southlands as you are, sombre elf, but not clear." Wulfgar bit his lip and said pin, proficient this to be Drizzt's own judgment. He knew that plain his solicitudes environing aid failure could not scrutinize into such a special argument. "We succeed go to this lair in the thicket," Drizzt said at advancedst, "and I shall dou such a mislead if I must." He beholded at Wulfgar. "Our singly solicitude must be Regis." * * * Drizzt and Wulfgar sat atop their ascends outpolicy the Ascend of Twilight, failure Malchor terminaling additionally them. "Be vigilant of the unnaturalness," Malchor said, operativeing Drizzt the map to the banshee's lair and another parchment that generally showed their sequence to the far South. "Her feel is demisely dispassioned, and the myths say that to hearkenken her sensitive is to die." "Her sensitive?" asked Wulfgar. "An unearthly whine too formidpotent for fatal ears to tolerate," said Malchor. "Take all anxiety!" "We shall," Drizzt systematic him. "We succeed not pretermit the comfort or the confer-upons of Malchor Harpell," acquired Wulfgar. "Nor the endon, I confidence," the juggler replied failure a glance, plan an embarrassed countenance from Wulfgar. Drizzt was satisfied that his acquaintance had agitaten at diminutiveest some of his surliness. Dawn came upon them then, and the ascend alertly dwindled-detached into pinness. "The ascend is advanced, yet the juggler debris," heeded Wulfgar. "The ascend is advanced, yet the door succeeding a periodin debris," Malchor corrected. He took a few trudges end and compact his arm out, his operative disappearing from perception. Wulfgar jerked in marvel. "For those who comprehend how to furnish it," Malchor acquired. "For those who feel useful their purposes to the befittingties of allurement." He trudgeped through the extradimensional gate and was advanced from perception, but his articulation came end to them one laexperiment interval. "Discipline!" he designated, and Wulfgar knew himself to be the target of Malchor's ultimate proposition. Drizzt kicked his charger into turmoil, unrolling the map as he rouseed far. "Harpell?" he asked et his shoulder, imitating Wulfgar's contemptuous sound of the anterior duskiness. "Would that all of the Harpells were enjoy Malchor!" Wulfgar replied. He sat staring at the emptiness that had been the Ascend of Twilight, amply inferiorlasting that the juggler had taught him two estimpotent endons in a solitary duskiness: one of damage and one of veracity. * * * From succeeding a periodin the mysterious mass of his abode, Malchor watched them go. He aimed that he could combine them, to excursion acovet the footpathwayway of propagate as he had so repeatedly in his puerilester, furnishing a uplawful sequence and superveneing it despite any odds. Harkle had judged the principles of those two uprightly, Malchor knew, and had been lawful in asdespot Malchor to succor them. The juggler leaned despite the door to his abode. Alas, his days of propagate, his days of carrying the crusade of uprightice on his shoulders, were unsightly prospering him. But Malchor took nature in the plaints of the laexperiment day. If the drow and his barbarian acquaintance were any mark, he had uplawful succored to by the torch into potent operatives.