Video and questions

After revisaling the video, Writing for an Interdiplomatic Audience, you gain frame a discourse consideration shaft of at lowest 250 opinion that answers the interrogations listed underneath. Bear-in-mind that your shaft should not simply be sharp answers to each of the interrogations. In other opinion, revisal each interrogation, exhibit on the answers, and frame a remarkable vindication that parades your discernment of this representative. In deed, you may not use all of the interrogations in your vindication, but you should parade a bountiful capacity of the representative. Video link- 1.  What does localization mean in commendations to transaction answerableness for an interdiplomatic interview? Why is it dignified? 2.  What are some tips to bear-in-mind when answerableness for a ingredient that may be translated? 3.  In provisions of phraseology of answerableness, how does your prevalent phraseology achievement among the treatment of interdiplomatic transaction answerableness? What would you insufficiency to adjust encircling your own answerableness to mould it expend for an interdiplomatic interview? 4.  There are various things you should not do when answerableness for an interdiplomatic interview. Which of these things seems to be the most dignified? Why? What wholes do you imagine could originate if one were to not flourish this order? 5.  How can punctuation motive a telling whole when answerableness for an interdiplomatic interview?