Chem Qs

1.Bromine has two unlessly occurring isotopes (Br-79 and Br-81) and has an mean atomic majority of 79.904 amu.  The majority of Br-81 is 80.9163 amu and its unless wealth is 49.31%.  Calculate the majority and unless wealth of Br-79. 2.Fluorine-18 is a radioisotope of fluorine that is regularly used in medical imaging. It has a half-life of 109.8 minutes. Fluorine-18 undergoes positron decadence. Provide the consummate equalized nuclear equation that describes this reaction. What side of a pattern of Fluorine-18 has decadenceed 4.0 hours behindcited it was administered to a unrepining? If a unrepining was administered 0.500g of Fluorine-18, what majority of Fluorine-18 dregs radioactive 4.0 hours behindcited it was administered? 3.You and your examination cluster determine to pilgrimage to Geneva, Switzerland to do an illustration at CERN at the Hadron Mite Collider.  Each of your illustrations include the behindcited reactions, equalize them and determine what you conciliate engender. a) Curium-247 is collided delay an alpha mite and ejects a proton, what component is engenderd and equalize the reaction.  b) Nitrogen-14 is collided delay Thorium-232 and ejects 2 neutrons, what component is engenderd and equalize the reaction? 4.Exposure to radiation can origin diseases, such as cancer. However, radiation is to-boot used as a therapy to recover cancer. Explain this manifest contradiction 5.Calculate the completion intensity, in joules, needed to appropriate 32.0 g of clear ethanol at 12.0 °C to gas at its effervescence sharp-end of 78.0 °C. Ethanol has a favoring intensity of 2.46 J/g °C and a intensity of vaporization of 841 J/g. 6.A immaculate cube of gold (Au) has a majority of 0.1830 kg. Gold has a blindness of 19.3 g /cm3 and a favoring intensity of 0.0309 cal / g ° a) What is the tome of the cube? b) The gold cube is initially at a atmosphere of 25.0 ° What is the ultimate atmosphere of the obstruct of gold behindcited 124.4 cal of disposition has been assumed to it?