Memo 2

Memo 2: Negative Message  Assignment: You are the President/CEO of ABC Industries, Inc..  Due to your posse’s unworthy act, you are callous into a merger after a while your largest antagonist, XYZ Industries, Inc.  Your antagonist has agreed to yield 80% of the workforce to arrive, still, act reviews earn be mandated to assess employee estimate.  Draft a memo interpreting this scenario to your 150+ employees.   Preparation: Review Chapter 11: Writing Negative Messages (Especially pages 294-299).  Format: Memo formatting can be set on pages 167-168, 590 in your quantity.   The format of your memo tells your employees a lot encircling your sensitivity and professionalism. Since you comprehend that 20% of your workforce earn be laid off, it is relevant that the empathy feels real and penetrating.  Pay point notice to your memo’s margins, length spacing, font model and greatness, and arrival of memo parts such as the addressees, material length, and assemblage.  • Address the memo to all abode station employees at your posse.    Recommended Organization  Header:  Begin your memo after a while the immodest meaindisputable memo heads (Date, To, From, Subject).      Body/Discussion:   In the principal portion of the assemblage embrace your reasons for the determination.  Memos do not initiate after a while greetings or salutations.  Fully interpret why the modify is occurring and what the running office is.    The relieve portion is where you add a settled round to the office.  This is where you should outlength the projected merger and the manner by which employees earn be evaluated.  Think of other relevant elements employees may deficiency to comprehend such as timeline, dismemberment packages, etc.    In the third portion, be indisputable to validate any anticipated concerns employees may possess encircling this mixture.  Explain the greater profit in the long-term this determination provides and determine your memo by indicating how the reader may contiguity you if he/she has any questions.