Discussion Question

  Chapter 4 assort discussion 77 unrecognize replies.77 replies. Watch the two videos below: (1)  Abu Ghraib: The Bad Barrel and  (2) Stanford Prison Experiment After watching the two videos, recognize the individuality in your texbook from paragraph 4 ("When does Behavior Affect our Attitudes") and then rejoinder the forthcoming questions.  To receive trustworthiness, your rejoinders and explainations must condense notice from our textbook (relation the page number and individuality), as well-behaved-behaved as, notice smitten from the videos.    Is prison uncivilization a effect of misfortune prisoners and malicious escorts? Or do the institutional roles of escort and prisoner aggravate and indurate flush benign fellow-creatures? Do the fellow-creatures form the assign raving? Or does the assign form the fellow-creatures raving? Summarize the findings and beliefs of Philip Zimbardo (Explain the findings of his experiement and his procure on the Abu Ghraib disagreement. What are your identical thoughts and feelings touching these two videos and the findings in public? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYE2vms4qXE (Links to an apparent post.)Links to an apparent post. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZwfNs1pqG0 (Links to an apparent post.)Links to an apparent post.